Aviation Careers Are Taking Off

It’s true—this is indeed a great time to choose an aviation career.

General Aviation Flight Hours Per Year
Number of U.S. Jobs Driven by General Aviation
Full- and Part-time Workers Employed in General Aviation

Now Is the Time to Get On Board

AviationWorks4U brings diverse aviation and aerospace industry and education stakeholders together around a common goal: increasing the number of students pursuing innovative aviation and aerospace careers. Aviation workers play a critical role in the $247 billion economic engine that keeps America moving.

We are dedicated to promoting the many unique careers throughout our industry and inspiring our nation’s best and brightest students to become the next generation of aviation workers. Aviation works for us—follow in our footsteps and see how AviationWorks4U.

We provide resources to ensure that anyone who is inspired to enter our industry finds—and takes hold of—the opportunity to become pilots, aerospace engineers, aviation maintenance technicians, unmanned aircraft system operators, and other aviation and aerospace professionals.

Projections call for major growth in our industry, back to pre-pandemic levels and beyond. Take a look at these numbers:

  • In 2019, U.S. airlines transported about 2.5 million passengers and nearly 58,000 tons of cargo every day, making the airline industry a major economic contributor.
  • Annually, commercial aviation helps drive 5 percent of the U.S. GDP (the equivalent of $1 trillion) and more than 10 million U.S. jobs.
  • U.S. airlines added about 195,000 jobs between April 2010 and February 2020—a 35 percent increase.
  • In the five years preceding the pandemic, U.S. passenger airline job growth outpaced overall U.S. job growth.
  • In 2018, General aviation supported $247 billion in total economic output, $128 billion in GDP, and 1.2 million jobs in the United States.
  • Emerging technologies like urban air mobility, unmanned aerial systems, and others are growing rapidly, with some forecasts projecting the total market size for urban air mobility to reach $2.5 trillion by 2050 in the United States alone.

The aviation industry is experiencing a high demand for nearly every career field—that means your aviation career outlook will remain strong as aviation careers keep growing. Now’s the time to get on board!